Is Excellence for Me?

Whether you want to enhance your athletic career, get ready for a surfing holiday, stay in the best possible shape, initiate a lifestyle change by losing weight & eating better or to recover from a chronic pain problem then our services are tailor made for YOU!

Our team is made up of experienced Personal Coaches, Physiotherapists and Exercise Therapists not trainers. Unleash the difference that this will make to your results and start feeling: stronger, leaner, fitter, healthier and more confident than ever!

Getting Started 1-2-3

We understand that for some people, undertaking a healthy lifestyle change and committing to getting fitter & becoming pain free can be a BIG decision! The good news is, that just by coming in for your first evaluation session with your Excellence Coach, you will already have achieved 75% of what is needed to reach YOUR GOAL! Let us take you the rest of the way.

Your Health & Fitness Journey - as Simple as 1-2-3

  1. Do your health, fitness and postural analysis evaluation and choose your coach.
  2. Set your goals and book your session times (6am - 8 pm).
  3. Choose your session type and their frequency (1-4 per week):
    1. One-on-one 60 minutes or 30 minutes sessions
    2. Small group session (60 min)
    3. Partner Coaching (60 min)